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Do you have a question about San Stefanos that you need answered? Take a look through our FAQ’s for an immediate answer. BUT don’t stop reading there as we have also added a few “Special Questions” that we have been asked over the summer months for everyone to have a laugh at!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, there are three. There is one at the Thomas Bay Hotel foyer, one at Tasty Corner at the main junction, and finally one at the Crystal Daisy Gift Shop, on the road to the beach.

The nearest pharmacy is in the next village of Avliotes, or after that Sidari.

In accordance with international convention, check out time is 12:00 midday. Sometimes it is possible to keep your room longer but only as long as new arrivals are arriving in the evening. Please check with us in the office 2 days before departure.

You are welcome to use any pool in San Stefano; most of them are public, except Fedra Mare and Delfino Blu. Just remember that it is common courtesy not to take your own food and drink with you, but you can purchase snacks and refreshments at the pool bar.

No, the boats are all 30HP and under, and for this you do not need a license. Full instructions are given on boat procedures on the day.

MON-SAT: 09:30 – 21:30 SUNDAYS: 10:00 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 21:00

The price includes delivery and pick up, third party insurance, Corfu Road Map and any directions/suggestions you might like. All you have to pay extra for is the petrol.

Your question not been answered in our FAQ's? Have a look through the "Special Questions". You might just find it there!! (These are questions that people have actually asked us!)


Erm, the one in Corfu Town, which is actually the only airport on the Island!

It will give you Euros Sir, as this is the currency here in Greece!

O hold a minute, I’ll just consult my crystal ball!!

Well, as we specialize in tourism and not suitcase sizes, I suggest you buy a “normal size” suitcase. You are only allowed to bring 20kgs anyway!

 We are a travel shop, why don’t you go back to where you had your ice-cream and ask them there?!!

In the middle of the sea there is a floating petrol pump, there is a man in a wetsuit with a canoe in attendance, he will fill it up for you!

Erm, I can show you the way to Corfu Town if that’s any help?!!

If one ever existed then maybe yes! We are in the Mediterranean, there isn’t a tide!

Yes…as long as you make it back to the bus/boat at the right time and not the next day!!

No, because you have to give them back with the bike!

If you recognize one of these questions, please don't be offended, these are some of the little things that keep us smiling in our work! Anybody dare to own up??!!